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13 January 2021

We’re very excited to be involved in this change-of-use and refurbishment of an old workshop building in Frome to create some fantastic new office studios. The scheme has just received planning permission for the alterations to the façade and work has commenced on site, with the studios to be available later in the spring. The building was used in the mid 1930s to build the Napier-Railton world land-speed record breaking car and the original workshop building is being retained with individual workpods accommodated within it. Four individual studio spaces are also included, which look out through a new glazed façade onto the courtyard. This project will be part of a new venture with our partner company HomeStudio. We look forward to the development of the final product.

10 December 2020

On Tuesday evening, Islington Council approved our design for the improvement of an historic mews in the Duncan Terrace / Colebrooke Row Conservation Area.

Our clients are a local family of builder developers who have been active in the borough for generations. Their passion for the site has informed the design process, which has resulted in a sensitive conservation of the best buildings and the replacement of the worst.

Our design will create new contemporary offices in an intimate and historic setting. Click here for images

20 October 2020

Our project for Etec Group in Bow was approved by Tower Hamlets council last week. Ropery Yard will see a rare empty site in the Ropery Conservation Area become a landscaped mixed-use community of 8 flats and a small business building. The three storey building meets a two storey streetscape with an elegant design solution using frosted art glass to tie it in to the prominent parapets of the neighbouring houses. The planning authority complemented our sensitive yet contemporary approach to the location.

29 July 2020

We've seen some changes in our team this month. We say goodbye to Konstantinos and Jade who are both moving on to explore other practices as they develop their career. Panayiotis has also left us to return to university to complete his education.

We say hello to Alexander Dewick-Tew who had joined us as a Project Architect in our London Office.

Also joining us formally is Agustin Dieste who had worked for us freelance on and off for some years. Agustin will be working with our Cork Office albeit remotely from his base in Uruguay.

Welcome on board Alex and Agustin.

We're also very happy to welcome Claire back to our team temporarily as she takes a summer break from University.

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