Panayiotis Ioakim

Panayiotis Ioakim,

Panayiotis is our recent Part 1 Assistant, born and raised in Cyprus. In 2016, he came to the UK to study architecture and that’s where he found his passion with the profession. His will to learn and understand architecture prompted him to undergo deep research, close reading and analysis of subjects like philosophy and history in order to find the link to architecture. Inspired by the history and norms of the architectural discipline, Pan wrote his dissertation on the composition and language of the renaissance architecture and how the classical principles can be translated in our modern and contemporary times, having Le Corbusier as the main reference. His interest and inspiration for the architectural discipline took Pan to Italy last Summer to look closely and have a deeper understanding of the analysis of buildings like the Pantheon, San Lorenzo and San Spirito.

In addition to his interest in the theoretical aspect of architecture, Pan is also a very talented craftsman. In order to enhance, develop and form his ideas in each project, Pan uses model making, something which made him a nominee for the New Blades model making completion in London. Furthermore, his outstanding design and visualisation skills were awarded by a firm in the industry as the “Best visualisation project” as well as by the University as he was nominated for the prestigious RIBA President Medals Awards 2019.

In the impossible case that Pan is not surrounded by architecture, you could find him involved with another of his passions, like constructivist and suprematism art or playing video games, hanging out with friends, going on road trips, travelling and always thinking!

Panayiotis has now completed his year of work experience with Cooley and has returned to his studies. We wish him all the luck for his studies and future in architecture.