Isata Mayla Kamara

Isata Mayla Kamara,

Part II Architectural Assistant
BA(Hons) Architecture
MArch Architecture

Completing both her BA (Hons) and MArch Architecture studies at The University of Portsmouth, Isha aims to complete her Part III in the near future.
Before starting her placement at Cooley Architects Isha obtained a particularly interesting and worthwhile placement offering significant possibilities in her future architectural development. She spent time working in her native country Sierra Leone for Ideas Limited, working alongside leading designers in the development of private and public projects as well as urban design schemes.
She worked closely with the Ministry of Health for the design of a new health centre in response to the Ebola epidemic. She also led the design of a new conference hall for The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a new privately funded health centre in a rural Gbabai Village.

Isha has grown up playing football and has played for several clubs including Chelsea Academy, Millwall Lionesses, MK Wanderers and The University of Portsmouth Ladies football team. Using her football talent she went on to start her own young boys football team during her time in Sierra Leone training up to thirty boys within the Wilberforce Military Barracks. Whilst working at Cooley Architects the team is still active and the boys are taking responsibility for the day to day running of the club.

In her spare time, Isha runs her annual music event ‘Live Lounge’ which began whilst she was at university. The show brings together talented singers, rappers, poets and dancers to showcase their talent to the wider community.

Isha left the practice in 2023 to continue her career