Gemma Pont

Gemma Pont,


Gemma was born in a small town next to Barcelona. She grew up surrounded by her mother’s books and studied architecture at the Barcelona Architecture School (ETSAB).

She worked in several studios in Barcelona, most of them focused on refurbishment. There she learned the importance of direct and indirect pre-existences and how to resolve complex demands with simple and detailed solutions. After graduation, she worked in Switzerland where she was absorbed in great architecture and landscape. During that time she developed a wider range of typologies and scales.

She lives in London since 2012 and loves its diverse landscape and architecture; there are always places to get lost in this city. She joined Cooley Architects in 2014 and enjoys working in contemporary design with a great team.

After 5 years service with Cooley, Gemma has now moved on to new prospects. We would like to thank Gemma for all her hard work through her time with us and wish her the very best in next chapter of her career.