Markhouse Avenue

马尔谷屋 大街, 伦敦 E17,

Walthamstow的露台开发目前正在进行规划. 该提案利用现场的整个深度,力求处理俯瞰和私人设施的问题,同时提供三个优质的住宅。以现代化建筑语言在街道上创造了一个崭新的添加,同时也与它的其背景相协调。

Markhouse Avenue, London, E17

This end-of-terrace development in Walthamstow is currently in for planning. The proposal utilises the whole depth of the site and strives to deal with issues of overlooking and amenity whilst providing three quality dwellings. The contemporary language creates a crisp new addition to the street whilst harmonising with its context.