The Ordnance Building

军械大楼,码头街,伦敦 E1,

我们已被Sond Construction任命为帮助在距离伦敦塔只有400米的伦敦市中心的这个新的混合使用开发。该计划由Michael Squire和Partners提出,提供90套新的高品质公寓,包括屋顶花园和塔楼的顶层双层单位以及底层的商业空间。Cooley建筑师通过设计公寓,商业和附属住宿以及放行计划条件,精细且尽职的调查阶段制定了这一概念。


承包商:Sond Construction
项目管理: Canbury Construction
结构工程师: Peter Dann Consulting Engineers
MEP: Canbury Construction
规划顾问: CgMs
核准督察: MLM
声学与能源顾问: NRG

The Ordnance Building, Dock St, London E1

We have been appointed by Sond Construction to help deliver this new mixed use development on the fringes of the City of London, only 400m from the Tower of London.

The scheme was conceived by Michael Squire and Partners to provide 90 new high quality apartments including roof gardens, and penthouse duplex units in the tower, as well as ground level commercial space. Cooley Architects have developed the concept though an intensive due diligence period designing the apartments, commercial and ancillary accommodation, and discharging Planning Conditions.

Working with a highly professional team to achieve a well-coordinated sustainable and efficient structure within defined programme constraints, the development, comprising a 13 storey tower and two 7 storey mixed use buildings, will be delivered in a phased handover with completion due end of 2018.

Contractor: Sond Construction
Project Management: Canbury Construction
Structural Engineer: Peter Dann Consulting Engineers
MEP: Canbury Construction
Planning Consultant: CgMs
Approved Inspector: MLM
Acoustics & Energy Consultant: NRG