Commercial Rd / White Horse Lane

商业街/白马巷,莱姆豪斯, 伦敦,

我们在东伦敦的最新项目已经提交给哈姆雷特小组委员会批准。我们的客户Limehouse Equity已经购买了一个废弃的角落位置,其中包含了一些较小的地块。 我们的提案是希望提供27个新的低价的私人公寓和新的零售单位。 当代设计包括一个独特的角落投影,包含一些公寓的屏蔽阳台。


Commercial Rd / White Horse Lane, Limehouse, London

Our latest project in East London has been submitted to Tower Hamlets Council for approval. Our clients, Limehouse Equity, have purchased a derelict corner site incorporating a number of smaller plots.

Our proposals seek to provide 27 new affordable and private apartments as well as new retail units.

The contemporary design includes a distinctive corner projection containing screened balconies for some of the flats.

Planning consultants: CGMS