International House


我们最新的学生宿舍项目由伯明翰市议会批准。 此计划将在两个伯明翰大学附近的一个发展中提供超过500张学生床。该设计是由不寻常的现场条件驱动,以及表达伯明翰闻名的工业过程,当时对加热和冷却的发展愿望,也由此象征大学具有的丰富经验。所以,冷金属外观由金属翅片从建筑物的表面飞跃的颜色闪闪发光。建筑物具有很强大的私人设施空间,在地面和屋顶上可以选择不同的内部和外部空间。


International House, Central Birmingham

Our latest student housing project for Unite Students has been approved by Birmingham City Council.

The scheme will provide over 500 student beds in a development close to the two main Birmingham Universities.

The design is driven by the unusual site conditions as well as a desire to express the heating and cooling of the industrial process for which Birmingham is famous, as a metaphor for the university experience.

The cool metallic facade therefore is animated by a fiery dash of colour which leaps from the face of the building in metal fins.

The building is strong on amenity space with a large choice of different internal and external spaces at ground and roof level

The images shown here are an earlier version of the elevations.