Welbeck House

维尔贝克 屋,韦尔斯街, 倫敦 W1,

一项规划申请已被提交,為了更换东马里波恩保护区的一所办公楼。我们的设计即不失现代感,卻又尊重它的所在環境。 该提案位于牛津马戏团四百米范围内,包括一楼和地下室的高品质零售空间,以及后方和上层的办公室。 场地的后方与一级一级教堂相邻,设计方法一直尊重在更广泛的保护区内发现的特征和形式。

Welbeck House, Wells Street, London W1

A planning application has been submitted for the replacement of an office building in the East Marylebone Conservation Area. Our design is uncompromisingly modern but respectful of its setting.

The proposal is located within 400m of Oxford Circus and includes high quality retail space at ground floor and basement, and offices to the rear and upper levels.

The rear of the site abuts a grade 1 listed church and the approach to the design has been respectful of the features and forms found in the wider conservation area.